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Tips For Spring Home Updates

Spring is a cool-season and a common focus of home styling has to be the surfaces. Whether it is the tone of the walls or the choice of accents, a neat outcome is expected. An advantage of this approach is that you can actually change the entire theme just by moving stuff around. Move either of the faux or natural plants within your space and it immediately alters the dynamics of your house.

Methods of Styling Surfaces

Experts insist that a simple approach will often yield the best results. Take, for instance, utilizing the presence of a bookshelf. Since it is lined with books, you can move it next to a source of natural light such as a window. It now becomes a highlight in the room and you can alter the layering of the books. Stacking them horizontally can elevate them like a platform where you then get to place ornate objects like small sculptures.

Changing Colors

Aside from the living room, you can implement the same concept in the bedrooms and guestrooms as well. For this, you need to change the bedding to light yet bright color scheme. Not only does it visually inspire but it also adds a layer that is reflective and illuminates the room some more. Compliment this by adding a light color tone on the walls. This is especially visible on cold days when it is cloudy and gloomy. A chair or desk with an alternate color such as yellow also helps to brighten the room.